Dina Khorasanee
Dina Khorasanee

Dina's first pregnancy and birth are what inspired her to become a dedicated and warm hearted doula. When she was first pregnant she was surprised to hear and read all the information and stories that drew fear to the birthing experience. This too made her fearful.

She searched for other ways of birthing. Looking for well trained, loving and dedicated support that she could draw on to help her and her partner feel calm and cared for while birthing their baby girl. It is here where she found the incredible benefits of doula support.

For this reason, Dina has brought particular attentiveness and grounding to the more than hundred clients she has supported over the past several years, so that they too may feel cared for, confident and connected to each other during their labour and birth.

Her background in mentorship, crisis management and community development has taken her around the world, including Argentina and Paraguay, where she spent time as a doula supporting labouring mothers in local hospitals under particularly difficult circumstances. This has given Dina a sincere appreciation for the unique circumstances surrounding each family and the importance in listening deeply to each of their needs.

As a child Dina spent many hours accompanying her mother during her nursing shifts at a downtown Toronto hospital. Seeing how dedicated the staff was to their patients has given Dina a tremendous respect for the health care team supporting the family's she works with, and is what has made her relationship with them easy and pleasurable. At the same time, it has allowed Dina to advocate on her clients' behalf with confidence, patience and kindness.

Dina brings all of these skills and experiences together to offer parents a variety of tools to draw on while birthing. Dina is also trained in the rebozo technique, massage and hypnobirthing, and has applied all these techniques over the years. Dina has been a guest speaker at Humber college to 3rd year nursing students, and has written several articles on doula support, both in Toronto and overseas.

Dina's calm personality, non judgemental approach, effective communication, and wealth of experience and skills, has allowed families to feel prepared, well supported and listened to during this important and vulnerable time in their lives.

"I was looking for a warm, supportive Doula who would help me through my first Childbirth experience. Dina was all that and much more." F.Z.

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