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Doula Care

We at Bliss understand that birthing is an intimate and transformative experience for the entire family. For this reason we aim to help families achieve a positive and memorable birthing experience by supporting the labouring mother and her family through the entire birthing process.

24h on call service from the moment of registration

The following is a description of the services we provide under our Birthing Doula Care Package:

Bliss - Doula Care

Two at home prenatal visits
(approx. 2 hours in length)

Help prepare the family for birth
Prepare birth plan
Go over families birthing expectations
Review comfort techniques
Go over questions or concerns
Help prepare for after birth, including cleaning, childcare,
and meal preparation

Continuous care during labour and birth

Accompany family at the family's request
Accompany family to the hospital or remain at home if a home birth
Provide physical and informational support to the entire birthing
Work with health care providers in supporting the birthing family
Help mother to remain focused and calm
Help to ensure that the birthing space is calm, safe and with
minimal distractions

One at home postnatal visit
(approx. 2 hours in length)

Review the birthing experience with the family
Help with meals, cleaning, and childcare, if needed
Go over any questions or concerns

The cost of Doula Care is $1250 CAD (I would like to register).

(two at home prenatal visits, one at home postnatal visit,
continuous care during labour and birth, and 24h on call service)

Please ask about our home care services.

"I was looking for a warm, supportive Doula who would help me through my first Childbirth experience. Dina was all that and much more. She was always ready to answer any questions or concerns in the weeks leading up to labour. She showed up on a short notice at the hospital when I unexpectedly went into early labour and again a couple of weeks later when the day of the birth arrived.

In the post partum period, she kept in touch regularly to ensure I was adjusting to motherhood well. She balanced being caring and supportive yet also very professional at the same time. I highly recommend Dina as a Doula for anyone looking for support in their childbirth."

Fozia Zaidi

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