Bliss - Infant Massage
Infant Massage
"Being touched and caressed, being massaged,
is food for the infant, food as necessary as
minerals, vitamins and proteins."

Dr Frederick Leboyer


Cost: $200 (I would like to register)

Location: Thrive Health
10 Eglinton Avenue East, Suite 502
Toronto, ON
M4P 2Y1
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Bliss - Infant massage

Our infant massage classes allow you to connect with your baby in a warm, relaxing and nurturing environment while having a positive impact on the health and well being of the entire family. Parents who have taken our infant massage classes have found that besides the innumerable physical benefits it fosters, the bonding and communication between them and their baby deepens and grows as a result of the intentional and relaxing touch of massage.

Touch is a very powerful element in human bonding, as are communication - both verbal and non-verbal - and prolonged eye contact. Infant massage encompasses and supports all of these vital aspects of bonding.

Baby massage may be particularly impactful for families who have had a difficult time bonding with their baby from the onset of birth. Parents who experience premature birth, recovery from caesarean, medical complications, adoption, lack of physical and emotional support and post natal depression experience significant shifts in their ability to relate to their child and themselves as parents through the bonding that infant massage offers.

Infant Massage
Infant Massage

Babies Love Infant Massage because...

Emotionally nourishes babies
Begins a loving, intimate communication between a parent
and child
Helps to strengthen and regulate the baby's primary systems
(ie: respiratory, circulatory, nervous, musculature and
gastrointestinal, enhances immune system)
Reduces gas and colic and allows the baby to sleep better
Encourages the baby to relax and release the tensions of daily

Parents Love Infant Massage because...

Better understanding about their infant's cues of responsiveness
Enhances communication and emotional ties
Increases confidence and handling skills
Greatly improves the bond of affectional attachment
Provides a means to develop quality interaction time
Helps the parents relax and listen to their baby
Massage becomes a perfect avenue for conversation as the child
gets older

Infant Massage is also beneficial to Special Needs Children and
older children and facilitates deeper understanding, integration and
connection with their parents and caregivers.

Course Content Overview

Benefits of infant massage: relief, relaxation, stimulation, and
Appropriate oils to use on babies
Strokes for the entire body
Baby's daily cycle and when to massage
Parent relaxation
Infant body language during massage
Ways of understanding and dealing with crying
Strokes for colic, wind and constipation
Infant reflexes
Adaption of the massage as the baby grows
Exercises to keep babies flexible and assist with lymphatic drainage

Classes are small and designed to be flexible to allow you to meet
the needs of your baby during class. Articles related to infant
massage and a package with all the strokes will be provided for
each family.

The cost of a series of five (5) Infant Massage group classes of
2 1/2 hours is $200 CAD (I would like to register).

The cost of a series of five (5) Infant Massage private classes of
2 1/2 hours is $300 CAD (I would like to register).

Classes can be arranged at your home or at:
Blissful Spaces, 672 Woodbine Ave., Toronto

"Once I knew I was pregnant, I wanted to do everything to ensure that my baby would grow up to be a strong, independent, calm, and empathic human being. I strived to exemplify those qualities in myself, and saught out skills that would allow me to help develop these qualities in my daughter.

It is through this searching that I discovered the benefits of infant massage. By the simple act of nurturing touch, and knowing a few key massage techniques, infant massage has demonstrated to me the most amazing ability to stimulate, relax, and relieve all the important internal and external systems of the body, while creating multiple levels of communication between myself and my beautiful baby girl.

Infant massage has become inseparable from the relationship I am developing with my daughter, and from how we are growing and coming together as a family.

When you massage your baby, you rejuvinate your soul!"


"Our little one was having so many gas issues, and I tried everything to help her through this, including cutting pretty much every food I love outof my diet... nothing seemed to work.

After a couple of days of the colic/gas massage that Dina taught us, our baby was so much more comfortable, sleeping through the night, and all around a different baby. Instant relief!"

Wendy & Chris

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