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The Biffy Universal

The Biffy Universal is HygieneVert`s main product, designed by a physician to improve personal health and cleanliness. The Biffy Universal bidet is the best of its kind for its 8-hole spray nozzle, providing full cleaning coverage. The Biffy Universal is easily added to your existing bathroom in three simple steps. With only clean water touching you, the Biffy is safe for you and your family.


Adjustable water flow for every preference.
Only one single motion needed for easy operation.
Easily cleaned due to self-cleaning nature of spray arm.
Constructed of strong, durable ABS plastic with space-age specifications.
Easy installation requires no modifications or in-wall plumbing, using only a
screwdriver and pliers.
No additional bathroom space necessary.
The Biffy is nearly invisible - its ergonomic design places spray arm out of sight when
not in use.
Available in white for easy coordination with any bathroom.
Fits virtually any toilet bowl.
Safe for all ages - even toddlers, teaching good hygiene essentials very early.
Works alongside elevated toilet seats, safety rails, and other bathroom accessories.
One year warranty.

Biffy Bidet pack

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